CVIT Academic Papers

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CVIT Assessments Study

Between December 2013 and May 2014, Fit 2 Learn carried out assessments of 76 children in three schools in order to determine individual levels of physical and cognitive development. The assessments consisted of a variety of exercises to test students’ gross motor skills, mid-line crossing and cognitive skills.

The assessments revealed that:

  • all the children were found to have problems with at least one of gross motor skills, mid-line crossing and binocular vision.
  • most of the children used coping strategies which, in the long term, will not help them to address the fundamental problems of poor cognitive processing. 

CVIT Assessments Study describes the findings of those more detail.

Academic Paper for Cognitive Visual Integration Therapy

In 2012, Charlotte Davies, founder and director of Fit 2 Learn, and Dr. Christina Preston, Professor of Educational Innovation at the University of Bedfordshire wrote an academic paper which proposed that learning the basic skills, such as reading, writing, and mathematics, involves a highly complex set of inter-related steps and that this can be observed in some of the corrective therapies that are currently being used in the world today.

These are important therapies because they work with the mechanics of a person’s cognition to significantly change a person’s ability to learn. From those therapies it is possible to draw conclusions about steps that can be taken to:
a. Enhance child development, through better design of environment and stimulus material
b. Correct delays to an individual’s development

The specific therapy that has been studied and observed is Cognitive Visual Integration Therapy (CVIT) which seeks to ensure that the cognitive pathways, controlling muscle systems and sensory systems, are functioning and fully integrated.

Download the full academic paper here.