Human Development

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The human brain is widely regarded as the most complex thing in the known universe.

A mature human brain takes nearly a quarter of a century to develop fully – it is a slow process.

“The human brain is like 100 billion computers all processing simultaneously, each computer does not necessarily work very fast, but it is the massive parallel processing of the human brain that is spectacular. “ John Gabrielli, MIT, USA. (2011)

Fernandez and Goldberg (2011) identified the key functions of the brain which we have arranged into a developmental hierarchy:

  1. Motor Skills
  2. Language and Auditory Processing
  3. Visual and Spatial Processing, Perception, Memory, Attention
  4. Executive Functions

According to Dr. Arthur Kramer and Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski (2011), the key pillars for maintaining a healthy brain are:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Enrichment
  • Maintaining Emotional Connections
  • Sleep