About Fit 2 Learn 

Fit 2 Learn is a social enterprise company that combines research and advice to all people on how they can achieve their potential through good control of their own basic physiology. We believe that everyone can move beyond coping strategies and use all their senses and motor skills in a coherent, efficient manner to learn and to live calmly. Once people have achieved motor sensory integration it is important that they maintain those skills for life to maximise their health and all round well-being. 
Fit 2 Learn has expertise in the areas of: motor skills; sound processing skills, using Tomatis sound therapy; visual skills; and how these skills inter-relate through games, puzzles and physical activities. Further, how trauma of all kinds can impact on skills development. 
“As an adult dyslexic, Tomatis and Charlotte Davies’ complementary therapies have changed the way I view and interact with the world. Life is so much more enjoyable now.” 
Tamasine Kimber 
Singer, Actress and Performing Arts Teacher 
Tedtalk: YouTube – Charlotte Davies, Saving Our Children by Checking the obvious 

Motor Skills Development 

The Maze of Learning Developing Motor Skills is a training programme for professionals and parents. It takes readers through the key stages of development from primitive reflexes to full bi-lateral integration of motor skills and postural control. 
Contact us to book training for professionals and parents. 
To be directed to our Amazon page featuring the digital version click here 

Sound Processing 

Sound processing is the ability to make sense of what we are hearing. People can hear, but still have problems with sound processing. At Fit 2 Learn we work with Tomatis technology www.tomatis.com to assess people’s sound processing and to change sound processing so that people can make as full a use as possible of their skills. 
Sound is our first myelinated sense. We start hearing before we are born and we go on developing sound processing skills throughout life. Sound is our first alarm system, we are hearing even when we are asleep. 
Within the inner ear is the vestibular system which connects the ear and sound processing to the whole body. This is significant because changes to sound processing can impact on global development. 
The Maze of Learning Sound is Your Superpower guides readers through all aspects of the development of sound processing skills from pre-birth through life. It outlines how to manage sound processing skills, how to identify problems and address them. 

Meet The Team 

Melina Healy 

Melina Healy is a University lecturer, Clinical Sports Therapist and Tomatis Practitioner; she is a Director of Fit 2 Learn. Currently she lectures at St Mary’s University, Twickenham and has developed courses and lectured at the Italian College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
She works with athletes and sports teams of all levels both nationally and internationally; additionally she runs her own clinic and works in association with Daleen Smith and Charlotte. 

Charlotte Davies 

Charlotte Davies is a Director of Fit 2 Learn. She originally trained in Finance, but then moved into teaching when working in the Far East.  
She holds the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Royal Institute of Navigation. Through Daleen Smith she came to understand the link between child development and cognitive skills. In 2012 she founded Fit 2 Learn; and subsequently trained as a Tomatis Consultant. In 2016 she won the prize for best case study at the Tomatis Paris Convention. She is now an international trainer for Tomatis SA. 

Daleen Smith 

Daleen Smith is the owner of CVT Ltd (2003) and a Director of Fit 2 Learn. Daleen is originally from South Africa.  
After completing a degree at the University of Pretoria, South Africa she did visual training with Elsa du Plessis and still works with Elsa du Plessis and Stephani Loots (Visual Development and Learning Centre, Pretoria). In 2000 she came to the UK and worked at a Pupil Referral Unit in Peckham until 2003 when she founded CVT Ltd. She subsequently trained in 2012 as a Tomatis sound therapist in Paris. She works with a variety of clients: learning difficulties, special needs, ASD, ADD,ADHD and brain injuries e.g. stroke or accident related. She has clients who travel internationally to receive the therapy. 
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