We have tried really hard to make our knowledge and expertise free to all regardless of means, however it is undoubtedly better to undergo a formal assessment. 

The Benefits of a Formal Assessment 

A formal assessment has the following advantages: 
A. The client and their family can spend time together really understanding how the human body works and how problems in one area impact on other senses and motor skills. 
B. The process establishes a documented baseline that helps everyone understand how all the elements of development affected need to be worked on. 
C. The process helps identify a clear plan to move forward to address issues in developmental order so that issues are thoroughly resolved. 
D. There is then the opportunity to meet again every 6 weeks or so to monitor and celebrate progress. It is really exciting and motivating to see big jumps in motor skills, sound and vision processing. 

The cost of a formal assessment plus full written report is £400 

It takes at least 2 hours to assess a person fully and at least another 8 hours to write up the full report. If the assessment is at your premises we will need access to a table to work on and accessible plug sockets. 
The assessment includes the following: 
A. A motor skills assessment including primitive reflexes, postural control and bi-lateral integration of motor skills. 
B. A sound processing assessment covering the following areas: ability to process sound across the sound range of normal human hearing using both air and bone conduction of sound; the ability to detect changes in pitch; the ability to follow sound as it moves. 
C. A check of visual functioning when reading numbers; and when reading for meaning. 
D. An analysis of how a person uses all their senses and motor skills together to solve simple cognitive tasks and how these can be improved in order to process more calmly and coherently. 
E. A plan for how to move forward in manageable steps in order to gain motor-sensory integration. 
We are also happy to brief other stakeholders on our observations so that all stakeholders can work together to support the client to complete the programme. 

Further consultations cost £50 an hour. 

Hire of intensive sound therapy equipment is £200 for a 14 day block. Typical clients require three sessions of intensive therapy over a 3 to 4 month period. 
Payments can by prior arrangement be made in instalments. 
If you would like to arrange an assessment please contact us to arrange a suitable date and location. 
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