Supporting all children to achieve Motor-Sensory Integration (MSI) 

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Basic overview of MS 
Motor skills basics 
Intro to primitive reflexes 
Spinal Gallant Reflex 
Moro Reflex 
Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex 
Tonic labyrinth reflex 
Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex 
Rooting reflex 
How to get a person breathing through their nose 
Heart rate variance 
Intro to sound processing 
Assessing sound in the under 7’s 
Early Years sound programme 
Sound processing post 7 years 
Intro to vision 
Basic Eye Exercises 1 
Basic Eye Exercises 2 
Cognitive games 
Moving forward to MS 
Postural control 
Bi-lateral integration of motor skills 
Fine Motor Skills 
Integrating senses and motor skills 
A basic check at 7 years 

Further videos 

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Mental Health 
Neurodiversity & neuro-plasticity 
Mastering binocular vision 

Other videos 

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Creating an audio-vocal loop 
Old Mother Hubbard 
This is the house that Jack built 
William and Mary, George and Anne 

Complex issues 

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Learning and behavioural difficulties 
Selective mutism 
Stress at work 

Other videos on other platforms 

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Charlotte Davies Tedtalk, Warwick University: 
“Saving our children by checking the obvious" 
Motor-sensory integration 
Sound processing 
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