Therapy Rates – Please Call Us to Discuss 

Formal Assessment 

£400 per assessment. Includes: 
Full written report 
A motor skills assessment 
A sound processing assessment 
A check of visual functioning 
Analysis of how a person uses all their senses and motor skills together to solve simple cognitive tasks 
A plan for how to move forward in manageable steps in order to gain motor-sensory integration. 

Professional Training 

£500 per day. Fit 2 Learn train other organisations and individuals in the UK and overseas in their methodology. We offer the following options: 
A 2 hour talk to professionals introducing them to motor-sensory integration. 
A whole day INSET to schools and organisation taking them through practical steps that they can follow in order to support children and adults to develop and maintain good motor-sensory integration. 
An annual contract with an organisation to support them to adopt our approach and to reach the point where the organisation is no longer dependent on external services for any aspect of the work. 
Training individuals 
Our standard daily charge out rate is £500 for a consultant. Hire of equipment if appropriate is more depending on the amount of equipment required. If you would like to discuss your training requirements further please contact us. 

Equipment Hire 

Hire of intensive sound therapy equipment is £200 for a 14 day block
Typical clients require three sessions of intensive therapy over a 3 to 4 month period. 
Payments can by prior arrangement be made in instalments. 
If you would like to arrange an assessment please contact us to arrange a suitable date and location. 

Futher Consultation 

Further consultations cost £50 an hour. 
If you would like to arrange an assessment please contact us to arrange a suitable date and location. 

Standard Terms & Policies 

Click here to read our Standard Terms & Policies 


Q: What happens if my child just will not do listening therapy? 

A: Then pack up the kit and send it back and we will just charge you for the postage. 

Q: How soon will I see changes in my child/myself? 

A. That rather depends on a range of factors including: how diligent you are; how calm you are whilst doing the therapy; how plastic you are. But change will eventually happen if you just keep going. It generally takes 6 weeks to change any muscle. 

Q: What do I do if I cannot get the equipment working? 

A. Let us know as soon as possible and we will talk you through any problems on zoom. Most problems are easily resolved this way. Occasionally there is a problem with the equipment in which case we will replace it. 

Q: What happens if I cannot remember everything that I need to do? 

A. Do not worry we provide comprehensive written reports. We also have a lot of videos to explain every aspect of the programme. Plus, we are always happy to support you on the phone or on-line to make sure that you get things right. 
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