The Maze of Learning Developing Motor Skills 

In this book you will learn how to ensure that your child has the best foundation for learning. 
Starting with primitive reflexes, you can navigate the way through the maze of physical activities, gross and fine motor skills working from age 4 to 7 years when your child should be ready to start formal education. 

This book is a foundation, a starting block to build: 

Visual skills. 
Problem solving skills. 
Postural control, core strength and coordination. 
Auditory processing skills. 
Motor sensory integration. 

Where can I buy a copy of this book? 

The print and digital version of the book is out now! 
To be directed to our Amazon page featuring the digital version click here 

Where can I buy a copy of this book? 

The print version of the book is out now! 

The Maze of Learning Sound is Your Superpower 

This book will show you how to: 
Develop sound processing skills to a high level. 
Identify problems with sound processing in yourself and others. 
Resolve problems in sound processing working with a variety of non-invasive therapies. 
You will be helped to understand the complexities of sound through a wide range of fun activities which the whole family can get involved in and through detailed case studies that you can relate to. 
Sound is a vital sense, make sure that you know the basics of how to manage it and make it your superpower. 

Mind and Body Mastery Box and Training Course 

Two Day Course 

Fit 2 Learn CIC offer a two day course to a maximum of 10 participants to understand how to support students or employees to gain full control of their motor-sensory integration. This course will empower people with the skills to support others and come with resource boxes and manual for each participant. 
This is a specialist course for those who want to understand in depth how to ensure that improvements in motor skills and senses do not just happen in isolation but (a) integrate with other senses and motor skills (b) impact on cognitive skills. We believe that this course if followed diligently will ensure that the vast majority of learners will have academic and physical skills at the highest levels. 

It is a training course that should be understood by: 

Key Stage 2 and 3 coordinators. 
Subject leaders in: Mathematics & English language. 
Senior teams in every school should understand how all children need to be supported to learn at the highest levels. 
Industry trainers interested in upskilling workers so that people of all ages can be empowered to access complex skills. 
This course is available to groups of 10 participants maximum
Contact Fit 2 Learn to discuss possible dates for training. 

Reading List 

We are often asked for recommendations for reading to find out more about what we do. The following are a few of our leading recommendations to get people started: 
Breath, James Nestor, 2021 
The Dental Diet, Dr Steve Lin, 2018 
Coherence, Dr Alan Watkins, 2021 
The Ear and the Voice, Dr Alfred Tomatis, 2005 
The Ear and Language, Dr Alfred Tomatis, 1996 
Hearing Equals Behaviour, Dr Guy Berard & Sally Brockett, 2011 
The Vestibular System, Goldberg et al, 2012 
This is Your Brain on Music, Daniel Levitin, 2006 
Not Just Talking, Siobhan Boyce, 2014 
Train Your Brain to Hear, Jennifer Holland, 2014 
Learn to Sing Learn to Read, Audrey Wisbey, 1981 
The Universal Sense, How Hearing Shapes the Mind, Dr Seth S Horowitz, 2012 
Life Time, Russel Foster, 2022 
Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker, 2017 
Sensory Integration and the Child, Dr Jean Ayres, 2005 
Piaget’s Theory in Practice, Thinking Goes to School, Furth & Wachs, 1975 
The Co-ordinated Classroom, D.B. Harmon, 1951 
The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge, 2015 
Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011 
The Genius in All of Us, David Shenk, 2010 
The Woman Who Changed Her Brain, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, 2012 
Trauma affects every aspect of the body, so when we are working on any part of the body, we are thinking about helping the person move on from trauma and anxiety, if relevant. 
Trauma is Really Strange, Steve Haines, 2015 
The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk, 2015 
Shake It Off Naturally, Dr David Berceli, 2015 
The Rhythmic Movement Method. Dr Harald Blomberg, 2015 
Beyond the Sea Squirt, Moira Dempsey, 2019 
Motor Control, Shumway-Cook & Woollacott, 2017 
The Vital Psoas Muscles, Staugaard-Jones, 2012 
The Maze of Learning, Motor Skills Development, Davies, Smith & Healy 
Optometric Management of Learning-Related Vision Problems, Scheiman & Rouse, 1994 
Improve Your Vision, Dr Steven Beresford et al, 1996 
Diet for the Mind, Dr Martha Clare Morris, 2017 
Brain Food, Dr Lisa Mosconi, 2018 
The Dental Diet, Dr Steve Lin, 2018 
This is important because modern humans are de-evolving, and this is the framework for much of our work. Modern lifestyles and diet are creating an epidemic of health issues. 
The Secret of Our Success, Joseph Henrich, 2016 
The Story of the Human Body, Daniel Lieberman, 2013 
The Evolution of the Human Head, Daniel Lieberman, 2011 
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